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How To Track Open Rates

Published by under AutoResponder Tips AutoResponders are the perfect tool to Create, Send, and Track your messages. Whether you are sending followup messages to prospects, newsletters to existing customers, announcements, or special offers, one critical element to your success with Email Marketing is to track your open rate.

Tracking your open rate helps you see how many people are actually opening your message when you send it out. Knowing how many people are actually opening your message gives you an important view on how much impact your messages or newsletters are having.

Once you’ve sent your message out to your subscribers, your AutoResponder account makes it easy to track your open rates. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your back office and click “Campaign Manager” AutoResponder Campaign Manager

2. Select the campaign where your letter is stored AutoResponder Campaign

3. Place your mouse over the “Letters” tab and click “Review / Edit Letters”.

Review or Edit Letters

4. Click the Open Rates Button: Open Rate Stats

5. Click the “Show Statistic” button: Open Rate Stats
You can also use the options on this screen to compare open rates between letters, change the time frame, etc… This information can be a very effective way to find out if your readers are still engaging with your content. For more details, click the link titled “What Is an Open Rate?

There is no “rule” for what your Open Rate should be. Your goal should be to identify where you can improve your open rate as much as possible. Sometimes, a simple change to the subject line can do wonders to improve your open rate.

Quick Tip: Try personalizing your subject lines by using Personalization Tokens in the subject line. Your readers are much more likely to open your message if it is addressed to them, personally.

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Got A Minute? Promote!

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One of the biggest complaints we hear from new Affiliates is that they don’t feel like they have time to do marketing.

Have You Got A Minute?

Then I can show you how to do a little bit of marketing every single day using your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What You’ll Need:

  1. A Twitter Account (free)
  2. A Facebook Account (free)

How To Do It:

Step 1: After you log in to your back office, go to your Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager

Step 2: Click on Affiliate URL’s to see a list of your Affiliate URLs: Affiliate URL's

Here, you will see a list of your available Affiliate URL’s with a button next to each for both Twitter and Facebook: Twitter and Facebook Buttons

Just pick ONE link each day and use the appropriate button to tweet and share that link with your friends and followers.

You will be able to get in to and out of your back office to complete this task in about a minute! Just one minute per day can begin to generate results over time. Of course, you should always conduct as much marketing as you can on a daily basis. This is just a simple strategy you can use to handle a bit of marketing even if you are on your way out the door!

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New Graphics Available

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We’ve just uploaded a lot of new graphics to your AutoResponder system in the “Stock Photos” section.

Give your messages some extra pop and sizzle by selecting some great new buttons, images, headers, and more!

To find and use the graphics in your autorepsonder messages, just click the image icon in your WYSIWYG Editor when you are working with any letter in an autoresponder campaign.

Be sure to refer to the WYSIWYG Tips for more great information on how to put the editor to good use in creating powerful newsletters, follow up messages, and sales letters.

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How To Add a Slide-In Form To Your Web Site

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If you would like to add a slide-in window to your own web site, here are some instructions you can use:

Step 1: Add the code below to the <HEAD> section of your web page:

Edit the style sheet to configure the basic look of the Content Box. Then, refer to the comments contained inside the script to set the variables.

Step 2: Insert the below HTML within the BODY section of your page, preferably at the very end:

The code of Step 2 is where
you enter the actual HTML you wish to display.

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Top Affiliates for October, 2010

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Congratulations to our Top 20 Affiliates for the month of October, 2010:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Robert Howells
  3. Chase Swift
  4. Pat Rogers
  5. Terry Goodmann
  6. Kevin Fukao
  7. Mazelan Abas
  8. Scott Douglas
  9. Lori Edwards
  10. Mohd Darus Haron
  11. Rusty L Shelton
  12. Daniel Butts
  13. Margaret Albright
  14. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni
  15. David Benson
  16. Muhammad Abdul A’lim Salleh
  17. Sherri Kirklin
  18. Allen Smith
  19. Jay Kanik
  20. Michal Gach

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