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List Management with Campaign Chaining

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List management is a critical key to your success in Email Marketing.

Your AutoResponder now includes two options for chaining autoresponder campaigns together to make list management even easier.

To begin using the Campaign Chaining Feature, log in to your back office and click on “Campaign Manager”:

AutoResponder Campaign Manager

In your AutoResponder Overview, click on the magnifying glass next to “Campaign Chaining”:

AutoResponder Campaign Chaining

Here you will see two options:

  1. Subscription Chaining which causes a subscriber to be removed from one campaign when they subscribe to another campaign. This is helpful for when a prospect makes a purchase and subscribes to your “Buyer’s List”. They would be unsubscribed from your Prospect List automatically when they subscribe to your Buyer’s List.
  2. Automated Chains which causes a subscriber to be moved to a new campaign once they have finished receiving the messages from the first campaign.

You can select either option for any of your AutoResponder campaigns to help you with your list management tasks.

For even more great autoresponder tips, click “AutoResponder Tips” on the right!

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Adding Form Code To Facebook

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If you have a fan page or company page with your Facebook account, you can add a capture form to that page by following the instructions below:

  1. Search for “Static FBML” in the Facebook Search Window:

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  2. Click “Add To My Page” to add the app to your fan page.

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  3. Select the Page you want to add the app to:

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  4. Click “Edit Page”.

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  5. Click “Apps”:

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  6. Click “Go To App” under the FBML App that appears on your screen.

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML

  7. Enter a label / title for your new tab in “Box Title”.

    Enter your Headline, Copy, and AutoResponder Form Code in the box labeled “FBML”.

    Adding AutoResponder code via FBML
  8. Be sure to click “Save Changes”.

Your new tab has been created on your fan page. If you need to make changes, just go back to your page and click “Edit Page” and work through the above steps to make and save your changes.

NOTE: To learn how to create and retrieve your autoresponder form code, refer to the training article in your back office titled: “How To Add A Capture Form To Your Own Web Site“.

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Using AutoResponder Templates

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Have you ever wanted to use a stock template or create your own newsletter template for your AutoResponder Campaigns? Here’s How:

  1. To create a new letter using a stock template, log in to your back office, select your AutoResponder Campaign, and mouse over the “Letters” tab. Click “Create New Letter”:

    Create New AutoResponder Letter
  2. Click “Use a Template”:

    Use an AutoResponder Template
  3. Select any of the system template layouts.

    From here, you can add any stock images, your own uploaded images, change colors, etc…

  4. To save your final template to be able to use it for other letters, click “Save As Custom Letter Template”:

    Save AutoResponder Letter as Template
  5. Enter a nickname for your new template and click “Create Template”:

    Save AutoResponder Template

    Your new template will be saved in the “My Letter Templates” tab:

    Create New AutoResponder Letter

For more autoresponder tips, be sure to click “AutoResponder Tips” on the right menu bar.

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Top Affiliates for November, 2010

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Congratulations to our Top Earning Affiliates for November, 2010:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Robert Howells
  3. Mohd Darus Haron
  4. Chase Swift
  5. Pat Rogers
  6. Terry Goodmann
  7. Scott Douglas
  8. Kevin Fukao
  9. Mazelan Abas
  10. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni
  11. Lori Edwards
  12. Rusty L Shelton
  13. Margaret Albright
  14. Daniel Butts
  15. David Benson
  16. Frank A Trueblood
  17. Sherri Kirklin
  18. Sonia Langen
  19. David M Bresnahan
  20. Allen Smith

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Understanding The Flow

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Understanding How and Where You AutoResponder Fits In To Your Overall Promotions:

So you’ve decided to start using an AutoResponder and now you’re trying to figure out just where and how your AutoResponder fits in to your overall marketing and promotion strategy.

Depending on your particular business goals and objectives, AutoResponders can be used to send:

  • Sales Letters
  • Training Information
  • Special Offers, Coupons, Discounts
  • Product and Service Updates
  • Articles and Newsletters

Of course, you need to have people to send this information to which brings us to the all-important topic of: The List.

If your business already has an existing customer list, then you’ll just import that list in to your AutoResponder Campaign.

But if your business is new or just getting started with email marketing, you’re probably wondering how to go about building your list(s).

The first thing you need to be sure you do is set up a way for prospects or customers to subscribe to receive your information.

The two most common ways are:

  1. Adding a Subscription Form To Your Own Web Site(This can include adding subscription forms to your blog,
    facebook company page, etc… )
  2. Using a Hosted Capture Page

You can choose one of these methods or use both.

Once you have decided what you are going to send, created your campaign messages, and set up subscription forms, your next (and possibly most critical) step is to begin promoting so that people can be made aware of your offer.

There are more tutorials, guides, and ebooks on various methods of online promotion than we could begin to cover so we’ll give you a basic list of some of the more prominent options below. Your options for online promotions include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Magazine Ads
  • Ezine Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Banner Ads
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Link Exchanges
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
  • Rebrandable Ebook Publishing
  • And the list goes on ….

Of course, you want to take advantage of and conduct as many relevant advertising campaigns as your resources (both time and money) will allow.

The key is to direct all responses to these campaigns to either your web site that has a subscription form or your hosted capture page so that people can request your information. What you have them request will be entirely up to you.

In our case, we offer a free report that shows subscribers how AutoResponders can help build their business.

You may offer a free report, a weekly or monthly newsletter, stock tips, a download, a free gift of some sort … the possibilities are virtually limitless. Your goal is to get interested prospects to subscribe to your list so that you can follow up with them.

While this article covered this particular topic from back to front, the end result is:

  1. Your Advertising is what attracts prospects to your offer.
  2. Your Subscription Form is how prospects request more information.
  3. Your AutoResponder collects their details and sends out your information.

By using a AutoResponder, you can direct all of your advertising responses to a capture page or web site that has your subscription form.

The subscription form captures prospect information and you then use your AutoResponder to send your offers, updates, etc … to your subscriber list!

How AutoResponders fit in to your overall marketing strategy.

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Sample Ads and Banners

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Have you seen all the sample banner ads available to you as an Affiliate?

We’ve got more on the way! To see yours, go to your Affiliate URL:

Have you seen all the sample banners available to our Affiliates? More are on the way! To see yours, go to your Affiliate site:

Just be sure to replace “YOURUSERNAME” with your actual Affiliate username!


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