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Sharing Your Letters With Your Team

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Are you a team leader? Do you have a need to be able to share your autoresponder letters with your team members for them to use in their own campaigns?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. After you are logged in to your back office, click “Campaign Manager”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  2. Click the Campaign name of the campaign you want to make available.
  3. Click “Campaign Options”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  4. Check the box next to: “Publish” These Letters”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  5. Be sure to click “Update Campaign Options” to save your changes:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  6. Click “Campaign Options” again:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

You should now see a Series ID Number and a Passcode.

Now you can share these with everyone on your team so that they can retrieve these same letters in to their own AutoResponder campaign.

This makes it very easy to duplicate your letters and content throughout your entire team with just a few clicks!

Your team members can now retrieve your letters by going to their back office and selecting the campaign they want to work with.

Then mouse over the “Letters” tab and click “Retrieve Published Campaign”:

Retrieve Published Campaign

From there, they can enter your Series ID and Passcode to retrieve your letters in to any of their autoresponder campaigns in

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Make The Most of your Traffic Exchange Advertising!

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Traffic Exchanges are used by a lot of internet marketers as an option to increase overall exposure for any given web site.

There are a number of Traffic Exchanges available and each will have its own particular features and benefits but the basic (very simplified) idea is that you are able to get people to view your web site in exchange for viewing their web site within the Traffic Exchange network. Each time you view another member’s web site in the Traffic Exchange Network, you are earning credits that will cause your web site to be seen by other members in the same network.

Let’s call the web site you are promoting in a Traffic Exchange your “Landing Page”. When someone is clicking for credits in your favorite Traffic Exchange, they are “landing” on your web site.

This Landing Page is where I see most people making the biggest mistake. Too often, I see Landing Pages that have WAY too much information, a slow loading video, long ad copy, etc…

What typically happens? For the most part, whoever is viewing the page is just watching the timer count down so they can see the next Landing Page and keep earning those credits.

This isn’t a bad thing. They are agreeing to view your web site. Your job is to take full advantage of that opportunity and exposure by making sure you are using a good Landing Page.

If you are using one of these long or slow loading Landing Pages in a Traffic Exchange, chances are that you are missing out on sales and losing money.

To Be Effective, Your Landing Page Should…

  • Load quickly
  • Be very compelling
  • Be SHORT
  • Invite the viewer to click for more details

We’ll call the page they get to after they click a link on your Landing Page your “Offer Page”. This is where you give them more details about your offer.

And this is where your AdTracker really comes in handy. You want to track the number of times someone clicks through from your Landing Page to your Offer Page.

You want to use an AdTracker on the Landing Page.

I see a lot of people using an AdTracker to track the number of times their Landing Page is shown. That’s fine, but you can probably already get that information from the Traffic Exchange network itself since they track the number of times you view web sites in their network and the number of times your Landing Page is shown in their network.

But the real reason you are using Traffic Exchanges is not just to get exposures to your web site. You want people to actually take some sort of action.

Maybe you are offering them a free report, a download, an offer to purchase on the spot, or whatever it may be.

Remember … they are on the Traffic Exchange to accomplish one primary goal: Earn credits so that others will see their web site on the network.

Your Landing Page needs to capture their attention long enough to get them to click the link on your Landing Page so they can see your Offer Page.

Track the number of clicks from your Landing Page to your Offer Page to see just how effective your Traffic Exchanges are being.

If you find that you’re getting a lot of click-throughs, then you’re doing great!

If you find that the number of click-throughs is low, then you may need to tweak that Landing Page a bit to see if you can get your click-throughs up.

This is where your AdTracker really comes in handy. By knowing how many people click through to your offer page, you can really put your Traffic Exchange experience to solid use in your business to help you build your lists and increase your sales.

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New Banner Ads Available!

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We’ve recently uploaded a LOT of new advertising banners you can use in your Affiliate promotions.

Check your email for the link or log in to your back office and check out the Training Article on sample ads and banners.

Feel free to add these banners to your web site, your blog, google ads, and more!


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