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Top Affiliates for February 2011

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Congratulation so our Top Affiliates for February, 2011:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Robert Howells
  3. Chase Swift
  4. Pat Rogers
  5. David Benson
  6. Kevin Fukao
  7. Mazelan Abas
  8. Lori Edwards
  9. Scott Douglas
  10. Rusty L Shelton
  11. D M Bresnahan
  12. Margaret Albright
  13. Mohd Darus Haron
  14. Terry Goodmann
  15. Sherri Kirklin
  16. Daniel Butts
  17. David M Bresnahan
  18. Allen Smith
  19. Frank A Trueblood

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Top Affiliates for January, 2011

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Congratulations to our Top Earning Affiliates for January, 2011:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Robert Howells
  3. Margaret Albright
  4. Chase Swift
  5. Scott Douglas
  6. David Benson
  7. Mazelan Abas
  8. David M. Bresnahan
  9. Frank A Trueblood
  10. Lori Edwards
  11. Rusty L Shelton
  12. Mohd Darus Haron
  13. D M Bresnahan
  14. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni
  15. Terry Goodmann
  16. Kevin Fukao
  17. Sherri Kirklin
  18. Muhammad Abdul A’lim Salleh
  19. Daniel Butts

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Top Affiliates For December, 2010

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Congratulations to our Top Earning Affiliates for December, 2010:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Robert Howells
  3. Mohd Yusof Abd Ghoni
  4. Chase Swift
  5. Pat Rogers
  6. Scott Douglas
  7. David Benson
  8. Frank A Trueblood
  9. Kevin Fukao
  10. Mazelan Abas
  11. Lori Edwards
  12. D M Bresnahan
  13. Rusty L Shelton
  14. Mohd Darus Haron
  15. Margaret Albright
  16. Terry Goodmann
  17. Daniel Butts
  18. Sherri Kirklin
  20. David M Bresnahan

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New Features Released at!

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Exciting Updates to!

We’ve been working behind the scenes like mad scientists to bring you some
very powerful updates to the AutoResponder system.

We have just released our new Setup Wizard that walks you step by step through
the process of creating a new autoresponder campaign.

But more than just making it easier to create a new campaign, we’ve added
some very powerful new features like:

  • Unlimited URL Tokens: Add as many URL tokens as you need to make your
    autoresponder campaigns not only easier to manage but easier to replicate
    for your team members. This is a great feature for those group leaders that
    are creating letter content for members promoting multiple URL’s.

  • Customized Text Tokens: If you have specific blocks of text you would like
    to be able to automatically produce in your letters or for your team members,
    you can now create as many Text Tokens as you need. Use this space for names,
    lists, paragraphs, testimonials, etc… any text you might need to replicate
    within your own letters or for your team members.

  • Can-Spam Compliance: Now each letter will automatically include a spam-compliant
    display of your valid postal address. You can use the address information from your profile or enter a different address depending on the needs of each
    particular campaign.

  • Additional Custom Fields: Use these to collect as much specific data as you
    want from your subscribers such as age, birthday, preferences, etc…

These powerful new features combined with the new step-by-step setup wizard
make it even easier for the most novice user to create a campaign within a
few minutes!

Log in to your back office at and click
Campaign Manager. Then click “Create New Campaign” to take the new setup
wizard for a test drive!

For any campaigns you have already created, you may see a notification that
your autoresponder requires your attention. This is to remind you that you
need to set up your spam-compliant footer in your autoresponder campaigns.

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