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Matrix Buster Updates

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We’ve made some exciting changes to our Matrix Buster system.

To see these changes and to get an overview of the Matrix Buster system, log in to your account and click “Affiliate Manager”.

There, you will see a new link titled “Matrix Buster”.

Clicking that link will display 3 tabs:

  • Overview/Registration where you can review the details about  and register for participation in the Matrix Buster system.
  • Upgrade Sponsored Members where you can upgrade your referrals who have registered to participate in the Matrix Buster system.
  • MB Promotional Tools where you can set up your Affiliate tools to support your promotion of the Matrix Buster system.

Important Changes: If you have been using the Matrix Buster system before, you will notice some important changes, such as:

  1. You must register for participation in the Matrix Buster system. There is no fee. This simply indicates your agreement to participate with your team in building your organization.
  2. Matrix Buster Tools set up no longer requires that your referrals email support to have their tools set up. This should help your organization grow much quicker as there will be no need to wait on our tech team to get the Matrix Buster tools set up for your members.

Brian Rooney 

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AutoResponders: Should You Pay More Because You Can?

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I just finished moving in to a new house. We’ve still got boxes all over the place and are piecing our world back together like you do when you move.

Part of this process has included having an army of installers come out to the house to hook up various services such as our gas, electric, water, internet, phone, etc…

On Monday, we had two separate companies come out and take care of phone lines, internet, and television.

On Tuesday, we had a salesman on our driveway trying to convince us to switch these services to a competitor.

The short story is that he showed me how he could save us around $90 per month by switching to his service and dropping these other services.

$90 per month. That’s $1,080 over the course of a year! I’m a big cigar fan and I have to tell you … $1,080 would buy a lot of cigars!

What did we do? We switched, of course!

There’s always the question of which service someone simply prefers. There are definitely some differences in how my new services operate such as the buttons on the remote, the router used to get online, etc… But for over $1,000 per year in savings, I can spend a little time learning the new remotes!

You may be asking: “What does any of that have to do with AutoResponders?”

Good question!

I see a lot of conversations in various forums about some of the different AutoResponder services out there. I’m always amazed when the discussion comes around to pricing. A lot of AutoResponder companies charge you more as your list grows. When I ask why, I’m often replied to with some sort of condescending response like, “Well … with a big list, you should be able to afford the higher price with no problem.”

So … I should pay more just because I can?!?

Does that make sense to ANYONE?

A recent post on a popular marketing forum revealed that someone was paying more than $700 per month to use one of our competitors to manage a list of 100K. He was wondering about saving some money by switching to a less expensive service such as ours here at He was actually told that paying that much shouldn’t be a problem if he was any good at marketing to his list.

Personally, I think he should have been offended! It’s just bad business math to spend more because you “can”.

Let’s do some quick math:

  Price Per Month
Competitor: $700.00 $17.95
Difference: $682.05

Annual savings by switching to $8,184.60!

Doesn’t it make more sense for this marketer to take that $8,000+ per year and put it in to more marketing to build their list even larger to sell even more?

As an Affiliate of, focus on showing businesses how they can:

1) Increase sales by building and marketing to their lists.
2) Reduce overall marketing costs by using

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New AutoResponder Setup Wizard

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We’ve updated your back office with a new setup wizard that makes creating any new autoresponder campaign virtually fool-proof!

To see how it works, log in to your back office and click “Training Aricles”. Select the “AutoResponder” section and click “How To Create an AutoResponder Campaign”.

This new setup wizard makes it easy for even the most novice user to create a new autoresponder campaign in minutes!

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Top Affiliates for March 2011

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Congratulation so our Top Affiliates for March, 2011:

  1. Dorothy Wargo
  2. Chase Swift
  3. David Benson
  4. Robert Howells
  5. David M Bresnahan
  6. Lori Edwards
  7. Mazelan Abas
  8. Scott Douglas
  9. Margaret Albright
  10. Rusty L Shelton
  11. D M Bresnahan
  12. Terry Goodmann
  13. Mohd Darus Haron
  14. Sherri Kirklin
  15. Daniel Butts
  16. Allen Smith
  17. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni
  18. Mike Hobbs
  19. Frank A Trueblood
  20. Muhammad Abdul A’lim Salleh

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