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New Layout for the Back Office

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We’ve made some changes to your back office.

The goal was to reduce some clutter, reduce some clicks where we can, and make things cleaner and easier to use.

We’ve still got a few tweaks planned but we’d love to get your feedback on how things look so far. Feel free to comment on this post to let us know what you think!

Brian Rooney


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Advertising Resources to build your Affiliate Income

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A big question I’m asked over and over again is: Where can I find prospects?

There are, of course, the obvious general suggestions like advertising on search engines, blogs, forums, etc… but I thought it would be a good idea to invite OWNERS of various sites such as Traffic Exchanges, Directories, PTC sites, etc… to post a link to their own sites and resources here.

Just a couple of guidelines we’ll be requiring:

1) You must be the owner of the site to post a link here. (No affiliate links or sites that are resellers for other ad resources)

2) The site must be fully operational and reputable/stable enough to be a part of this list.

3) We may not approve every site submitted.

4) The post can include:

Company Name: _______________________
URL: _______________________________
Brief Description:
Free or Fee based service:
Owner: _______________

This way, we can build a solid list of reputable resources for all of our members to take advantage of.

I will monitor the submissions and approve those that I feel offer a solid advertising opportunity.

Disclaimer: Just because a site has been included on this blog should not be taken as an endorsement of the sites listed. Each site owner is responsible for their own terms and providing the service as described. If you experience a problem with any of the listed sites, feel free to comment accordingly. We may remove, edit, or add sites at our discretion for any reason whatsoever.

Brian Rooney


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Grab Some Free Publicity From New Book Launch!

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I’m excited to tell you about a new hot- off-the-press book featuring me and 18other entrepreneurs who took a chance, followed our hearts, and built a business on our dreams.

Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income has received rave reviews from readers so far.

The chapter I wrote (“What If There Was No Box?”) starts on page 163!

And it’s about to launch big time – with a unique twist.

Our publisher and her launch team wanted to offer something of direct value to eachreader.  So, when you purchase the book on launch day, you’ll get your bio, website and link to your subscriber page placed directly on the site in front of ALL BUYERS of the book!

Not only will you get a direct link from the site to yours, but all 19 of the contributors are working together to make this book a best seller- meaning we’ll be directing thousands of visitors to the site!  If you have a smart bio and call to action, you could turbo charge your list building in the next few weeks.

But this bonus is only available to buyers who purchase Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income on LAUNCH DAY.

So, if you have a website, you will not want to miss this opportunity for massive publicity.

This is a  truly a great chance to promote your website, plus access 19 true stories of making dreams reality.

Here’s to promoting your business!

Brian Rooney

P.S.  They’re also giving away part of the audio series today, which you can access at no cost here.

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Are Traffic Exchanges Effective?

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Are your traffic exchange activities producing results?

Are you sure?

Getting traffic to your web site is great. We all need more traffic. But the key to success is getting traffic that converts. Effective advertising requires that we track our results so that we know what is working and what is not.

The best way that I’ve found to track my results is by using an AdTracker here at But to really find out what’s working, you need to be sure to use your AdTracker properly.

The most common mistake I see is someone using an AdTracker to count the number of visits to the landing page that they are sending people to with the Traffic Exchange.

Why is this a mistake? All you will be counting are visits. And the traffic exchange is already counting those for you as a part of their system.

Knowing 500 people visited your web site through a particular traffic exchange is nice.

Knowing how many of those 500 people are actually interested in your offer is what you really need to know in order to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Here is what I suggest:

Use a quick loading landing page with a powerful headline, a few lines of well written copy, and a clickable link that takes the visitor to your more detailed offer page.

This way, your page loads quickly … your headline has a chance to capture their attention … and they can click a link to get to your actual offer page where they can take more time to review your offer.

Use an AdTracker for the link that takes visitors to your offer page.

By doing this, you will:

1) Be able to make sure your headline stands out.
2) Be able to QUICKLY capture the attention of the visitor who may just be waiting for a timer to count down.
3) Track the REAL effectiveness by seeing how many people click through to your offer page.

Knowing 500 people landed on your landing page is nice.
Knowing how many of those people clicked through to your offer page is how you build a successful campaign.

Another great tip for making the most of your traffic exchange campaigns is to create a unique landing page for each traffic exchange.

You should be doing this anyway since you’ll be using a separate AdTracker for each traffic exchange.

The added benefit is that you can then address each landing page specifically to those members to capture their attention even better.

For example: If you are using XYZ Traffic Exchange, you could make your headline start with:

Special Offer for XYZ Traffic Exchange Members!

Doing this will help your landing page stand out more, capture more attention, and possibly increase your click-through ratio!



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