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Sharing Your Letters With Your Team

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When you are building and supporting a sales organization, one way to help them duplicate your efforts is to share or “Publish” your autoresponder letters for your sales team to use in their own AutoResponder system.

Here’s how:

  1. Select The AutoResponder Campaign You Want to Share With Your Team.

  3. Click the Tab Labeled “Campaign Options”

  5. Check the Box Next To “Publish” These Letters.

  7. Click “Update Campaign Options“.

You will see a Series ID Number and Passcode which you can share with your team members to allow them to retrieve your letters.

Be sure to use Signature Tokens in your letters for content such as name, email, URL, phone number, etc… so that your team members will have their own information inserted in to the letters automatically.

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Affiliates Getting Paid Weekly and Monthly!

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We just sent out over $30,000 in commissions to our Affiliates.

Congratulations to each of those Affiliates!

Remember … you can earn weekly Fast Track Bonus commissions and Regular Monthly Commissions by simply referring other marketers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, restaurants, etc… (virtually ANY business) to the Email Marketing AutoResponder!

Don’t have your Affiliate links? Log in to your back office and click “Affiliate Manager”.

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