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Sharing Your Letters With Your Team

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When you are building and supporting a sales organization, one way to help them duplicate your efforts is to share or “Publish” your autoresponder letters for your sales team to use in their own AutoResponder system.

Here’s how:

  1. Select The AutoResponder Campaign You Want to Share With Your Team.

  3. Click the Tab Labeled “Campaign Options”

  5. Check the Box Next To “Publish” These Letters.

  7. Click “Update Campaign Options“.

You will see a Series ID Number and Passcode which you can share with your team members to allow them to retrieve your letters.

Be sure to use Signature Tokens in your letters for content such as name, email, URL, phone number, etc… so that your team members will have their own information inserted in to the letters automatically.

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New Social Media icons available for your messages

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We’ve added Social Media icons for various social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and sites like WordPress, Blogger, Technorati, etc… to your available stock images.

Now you can add these images to your autoresponder letters to let your subscribers know how to find and follow you on your favorite social network!

As you are editing any letter in your AutoResponder Campaign, just click the icon to add an image.

Navigate to the Stock_Photos folder and then to Social_Media to see the available images.

For more tips on using our powerful HTML Editor to create professional looking emails, be sure to click “HTML Editor Tips” on the left of your screen as you are editing or creating any letter in your AutoResponder Campaign.


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Sharing Your Letters With Your Team

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Are you a team leader? Do you have a need to be able to share your autoresponder letters with your team members for them to use in their own campaigns?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. After you are logged in to your back office, click “Campaign Manager”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  2. Click the Campaign name of the campaign you want to make available.
  3. Click “Campaign Options”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  4. Check the box next to: “Publish” These Letters”:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  5. Be sure to click “Update Campaign Options” to save your changes:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

  6. Click “Campaign Options” again:

    AutoResponder Campaign Manager

You should now see a Series ID Number and a Passcode.

Now you can share these with everyone on your team so that they can retrieve these same letters in to their own AutoResponder campaign.

This makes it very easy to duplicate your letters and content throughout your entire team with just a few clicks!

Your team members can now retrieve your letters by going to their back office and selecting the campaign they want to work with.

Then mouse over the “Letters” tab and click “Retrieve Published Campaign”:

Retrieve Published Campaign

From there, they can enter your Series ID and Passcode to retrieve your letters in to any of their autoresponder campaigns in

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How To Add a Slide-In Form To Your Web Site

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If you would like to add a slide-in window to your own web site, here are some instructions you can use:

Step 1: Add the code below to the <HEAD> section of your web page:

Edit the style sheet to configure the basic look of the Content Box. Then, refer to the comments contained inside the script to set the variables.

Step 2: Insert the below HTML within the BODY section of your page, preferably at the very end:

The code of Step 2 is where
you enter the actual HTML you wish to display.

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