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Understanding How and Where You TrafficWave.net AutoResponder Fits In To Your Overall Promotions:

So you’ve decided to start using an AutoResponder and now you’re trying to figure out just where and how your TrafficWave.net AutoResponder fits in to your overall marketing and promotion strategy.

Depending on your particular business goals and objectives, TrafficWave.net AutoResponders can be used to send:

  • Sales Letters
  • Training Information
  • Special Offers, Coupons, Discounts
  • Product and Service Updates
  • Articles and Newsletters

Of course, you need to have people to send this information to which brings us to the all-important topic of: The List.

If your business already has an existing customer list, then you’ll just import that list in to your TrafficWave.net AutoResponder Campaign.

But if your business is new or just getting started with email marketing, you’re probably wondering how to go about building your list(s).

The first thing you need to be sure you do is set up a way for prospects or customers to subscribe to receive your information.

The two most common ways are:

  1. Adding a Subscription Form To Your Own Web Site(This can include adding subscription forms to your blog,
    facebook company page, etc… )
  2. Using a TrafficWave.net Hosted Capture Page

You can choose one of these methods or use both.

Once you have decided what you are going to send, created your campaign messages, and set up subscription forms, your next (and possibly most critical) step is to begin promoting so that people can be made aware of your offer.

There are more tutorials, guides, and ebooks on various methods of online promotion than we could begin to cover so we’ll give you a basic list of some of the more prominent options below. Your options for online promotions include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Magazine Ads
  • Ezine Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Banner Ads
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Link Exchanges
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
  • Rebrandable Ebook Publishing
  • And the list goes on ….

Of course, you want to take advantage of and conduct as many relevant advertising campaigns as your resources (both time and money) will allow.

The key is to direct all responses to these campaigns to either your web site that has a subscription form or your hosted capture page so that people can request your information. What you have them request will be entirely up to you.

In our case, we offer a free report that shows subscribers how AutoResponders can help build their business.

You may offer a free report, a weekly or monthly newsletter, stock tips, a download, a free gift of some sort … the possibilities are virtually limitless. Your goal is to get interested prospects to subscribe to your list so that you can follow up with them.

While this article covered this particular topic from back to front, the end result is:

  1. Your Advertising is what attracts prospects to your offer.
  2. Your Subscription Form is how prospects request more information.
  3. Your AutoResponder collects their details and sends out your information.

By using a TrafficWave.net AutoResponder, you can direct all of your advertising responses to a capture page or web site that has your subscription form.

The subscription form captures prospect information and you then use your AutoResponder to send your offers, updates, etc … to your subscriber list!

How TrafficWave.net AutoResponders fit in to your overall marketing strategy.

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  • Hi Brian,

    Great explaination of how the system works… used traffic wave sometime back but did not require the auto responder services then so I left…

    Recently back on line and besides your auto responder being excellent …your tutorials are second to none.

    Great service… thank you

  • Daniel says:

    G’day Brian,

    Once again great info on the TrafficWave flow.

    In the quite period of Chrissy and New Year
    I will go through the training again.

    There is a couple of things I want to learn
    or brush up on.


  • David Vick says:

    I like this it is very informative and has helped me understand how the systems work. Tanks so much! David

  • I think that, while Traffic Wave is a resource that every online marketer should utilize, unless one’s advertising has that “special something” that attracts potential clients, the campaign is bound to struggle.

    I personally think that Traffic Wave is a great autoresponder, and I plan to focus on promoting it more heavily. However, my good intentions and drive to succeed go hand-in-hand with advertising skills. It would be wonderful to see more information out there with statistics that show what kind of advertising works vs. what doesn’t work.

    Many of us marketers have learned our craft via the School of Hard Knocks. Is anyone willing to share their successful campaign methods?

    • trafficwave says:

      The only statistics that matter are your own. You could look at someone else’s stats for their own ads run to promote their own offers but it won’t tell you a thing you can benefit from in regard to your own advertising.

      What you want to do is get really serious about tracking your own advertising results so you can see what is and is not working for you.

      One guy will tell you Google Adwords is a waste of money.
      Another guy will tell you that Google Adwords can make you a fortune.

      Which one is right?

      They both are. Depending on how you go about setting up and managing your campaign, you could lose money or make money.

      “That special something” really comes down to making sure you are advertising in the right place, using words that will excite and motivate your readers, and giving them a clear call to action so they know WHAT to do in order to respond to your offer. That can vary widely from one ad to the next, one market to the next, one offer to the next.

      Brian Rooney
      TrafficWave.net LLC

  • Claire Koch says:

    Yes Brian its true. It depends on YOU. I would take a lot to get me back to adwords but then I’m back with trafficwave lol so you never know. However, you made trafficwave much more appealing with the emphasis on the autoresponder. Love it! Most of tend to stick with free advertising it seems. But everyone needs an autoresponder. Thats not really pereferencial in my humble opinion.

  • Good Ideals. Keep it up Brian.

  • Chris King says:

    Great article, and I am finding all of the training articles to be a huge help. They are well written, easy to follow, and answer my questions. Thanks for all of the work you have put into this.

  • Frank says:


    Thanks for the email, as a member of T W I must admit that I haven’t put
    the tools to good use that T W provides and your email reminded me of
    the great tools that T W offers. So I’ll end here and roll up my sleves so I
    can get to work.

  • seo says:

    Glad to find this information. I have been searching in Google for long time.

    • trafficwave says:

      Yeah… this is the sort of information people really look for in Google. You’re probably pretty upset to find that your spam link got removed though. Next time, do feel free to contribute something to the actual conversation. Your link just might survive the process.

  • Bud Fields says:

    Thanks, Brian.

    Today, I begin. From ground zero, to whatever success I can conceive, believe and achieve. Traffic Wave is my auto responser of choice for my businesses, and those in them. With Chase, Scott and the other members of my Personal Success Team (PST), I feel Traffic Wave just out-distances the competition by light-years. I cancelled my AWeber account today for two reasons:

    1. I don’t like their suddenly “political” permutations of late; increasing fee structure, and general arrogance.
    2. Traffic Wave has all that, and more for my business purposes. I feel like I am part of a caring, supportive, encouraging and helpful community that will teach me how to use this tool to it’s (and my!) best advantage.

    I look forward to sharing my success with Traffic Wave for years to come. And, more than anything else, I thank you for that, Brian.

    Bud Fields

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