List Management with Campaign Chaining

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List management is a critical key to your success in Email Marketing.

Your AutoResponder now includes two options for chaining autoresponder campaigns together to make list management even easier.

To begin using the Campaign Chaining Feature, log in to your back office and click on “Campaign Manager”:

AutoResponder Campaign Manager

In your AutoResponder Overview, click on the magnifying glass next to “Campaign Chaining”:

AutoResponder Campaign Chaining

Here you will see two options:

  1. Subscription Chaining which causes a subscriber to be removed from one campaign when they subscribe to another campaign. This is helpful for when a prospect makes a purchase and subscribes to your “Buyer’s List”. They would be unsubscribed from your Prospect List automatically when they subscribe to your Buyer’s List.
  2. Automated Chains which causes a subscriber to be moved to a new campaign once they have finished receiving the messages from the first campaign.

You can select either option for any of your AutoResponder campaigns to help you with your list management tasks.

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